NBA 2K21 Release Date

NBA 2K21 Cover

NBA 2K21

  • Release Date: To be announced
  • Eary Tip-off: To be announced
  • Main Cover Athlete: To be announced
  • Legend Edition Cover Athlete: To be announced
NBA 2K Series: Titles, Covers, and Release Dates Over the Years​
TitleRelease DateCover AthleteCover Artwork
NBA 2K20September 6, 2019Anthony Davis
Legend Edition: Dwyane Wade
NBA 2K20 Cover
NBA 2K19September 11, 2018Giannis Antetokounmpo
20th Anniversary Edition: LeBron James
Australia: Ben Simmons
NBA 2K19 Cover
NBA 2K18September 19, 2017Kyrie Irving
Legend Edition: Shaquille O’Neal
Canada: DeMar DeRozan
NBA 2K18 Cover
NBA 2K17September 20, 2016Paul George
Legend Edition: Kobe Bryant
NBA 2K17 Cover
NBA 2K16September 29, 2015Stephen Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis
Special Edition: Michael Jordan
NBA 2K16 Cover
NBA 2K15October 7, 2014Kevin DurantNBA 2K15 Cover
NBA 2K14October 1, 2013LeBron JamesNBA 2K14 Cover
NBA 2K13October 2, 2012Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Derrick RoseNBA 2K13 Cover
NBA 2K12October 4, 2011Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic JohnsonNBA 2K12 Cover
NBA 2K11October 5, 2010Michael JordanNBA 2K11 Cover
NBA 2K10October 6, 2009Kobe BryantNBA 2K10 Cover
NBA 2K9October 7, 2008Kevin GarnettNBA 2K9 Cover
NBA 2K8October 2, 2007Chris PaulNBA 2K8 Cover
NBA 2K7September 25, 2006Shaquille O’NealNBA 2K7 Cover
NBA 2K6September 26, 2005Shaquille O’NealNBA 2K6 Cover
NBA 2K5September 28, 2004Ben WallaceNBA 2K5 Cover
NBA 2K4 (ESPN NBA Basketball)October 21, 2003Allen IversonNBA 2K4 Cover
NBA 2K3October 7, 2002Allen IversonNBA 2K3 Cover
NBA 2K2October 24, 2001Allen IversonNBA 2K2 Cover
NBA 2K1October 31, 2000Allen IversonNBA 2K1 Cover
NBA 2KNovember 10, 1999Allen IversonFirst NBA 2K Cover