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WWE 2K Personal Traits Meanings

Below are the definition of all the Personal Traits of Superstars.


The drive to crush opposition with force, motivates the Superstar to smother their opponents with unrelenting offense both inside and outside of the ring.


The determination to confront adversity, pushes the Superstar to face challenges and take on stacked odds without hesitation.


The fear of defeat and loss, makes the Superstar likely to breakdown against challenges and to avoid definitive defeat.


The motivation to win at any cost, makes the Superstar resort to underhanded offense when they find themselves at a disadvantage in order to secure victory.


The measure of composure in the ring, drives the Superstar to compete with deliberate patience in their traditional offense and defense while keeping the match in the ring.


The drive to humiliate competition, makes the Superstar likely to degrade their opponents by breaking the rules of the match with underhanded tactics.


The confidence inspired by the Superstar’s own talent, motivating them towards big opportunities and to take any lengths to capture them.


The camaraderie shared with other Superstars, reinforces trust and motivation between tag team partners to fight on the same page.


The determination to survive and overcome adversity, drives the Superstar to withstand offense that would put others down for the 3-count.


The confidence inspired by the audience, motivates the Superstar to stand up to their opponent’s offense and will return the favor when they try to bend or break the rules of the match.


The drive of competitive sportsmanship, encourages the Superstar to follow the rules of the match and to compete fairly against their opponents.


The selfishness of a Superstar, pushes them to abandon or turn on their teammates in tag team matches when success looks unlikely.